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See what clients are saying about Palmer Family Law!

Excellent Attorney! Couldn't be happier!

Mr.Palmer assisted me with my divorce. At the time I reached out to him things were messy and I didn’t have representation. I was frustrated and emotional. Mr.Palmer was very empathetic and compassionate. He provided me with sound, non-bias, empathetic legal advice. He was a kind voice of logic when I was emotionally driven by all of the things surrounding my divorce. At the end of the day, things worked out as best as they could have, and it wouldn’t have been possible without Mr.Palmer. I highly recommend him. For anyone, but as a female, I definitely felt heard and respected. - Jazz

Supportive and Determined

Ms. Palmer conducted herself and represented her firm in the most professional manner at all times. She took the time to understand the specifics relating to my case. Even more so, she kept my priorities at the forefront of her representation.

I’m thankful for her expertise and the fact that she was easy to communicate with - be it via email, phone, or in-person.

A Light in the Dark

Michael K. Palmer is dedicated and driven with your best interests at forefront. He provided excellent recommendations and guided me through the chaos of the court system that was further complicated due to Domestic Violence and Child Abuse. He helped me to stay above the weeds and focused on the result thus saving me from unnecessary court costs. His calm and precise demeanor was essential to the amount of stress I was under. He is responsive, very professional, and is proactive. When we got to arbitration, I was very nervous, and he was calm and provided excellent coaching. I listened and did everything he said, and I simply just told the truth. My attorney’s line of questioning my ex was direct, methodical, and precise and my ex crumbled at his questioning and was proven to not be honest. My jaw was on the table. I knew at the end of the arbitration that my attorney nailed it! It was like the moment that Michael Jordan slam dunked that basketball so hard that the backboard broke. I was in awe. In the end, I received better results than I thought even possible. I am very thankful for what Michael K. Palmer has done for my family. I would refer him. He is your best ally in this process.

Very pleased, great to work with, and very nice

Rachel is very friendly and very knowledgeable about my case. She didn't hold anything up and also got on the other attorney for slowing down the process. She always gets back to you promptly even if you have to leave a message. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family definitely keeping her number. - Andrew

Hands Down - The Best!!

Michael K Palmer is knowledgeable, professional and kind and responsive. He is calm and so thorough and even has a way of making an extremely difficult and stressful process sometimes enjoyable! He never disappointed, and always responded quickly. He is efficient and doesn't waste time or money. Michael did a great job coordinating and communicating with my lawyers in another state across the country and my ex husband's lawyers in two states. He worked so well with a contentious and difficult attorney on my ex's team and helped me deal with really upsetting circumstances calmly and rationally. I really can't say enough how well he handled the sometimes nasty and low handed techniques or communications we received from opposing counsel. We got the best outcome we could hope for in the end! I'm extremely pleased with the results and highly recommend Michael K. Palmer. You won't be disappointed!

Outstanding Representation

Rachel Palmer did a great job staying on top of my case, and remembering all of the details. I truly felt I was her only client although she had other cases. I was always impressed by her preparation, her eloquence representing me before the judge, and vs Opposing Counsel. Thoroughly answered all of my questions, and laid out all of the options along the way. Great knowledge of the law, process, and possible delays and pitfalls. I highly recommend Rachel Palmer.

Other Reviews

Calm But Very Nice

Ms Palmer is a wonderful attorney! Calm but does not back down ! I went through a difficult divorce , but whenever I called her she would reassure and she was always honest with me even that meant not looking good for us! I would recommend her to anyone who need not only a great attorney but always a support system during the unknown which comes with the divorce !!

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